A little about me...

Hi! My name is Claire and thank you for stopping by! For the past year I have been helping to set up my parents B&B and holiday cottage with them in sunny Norfolk. And I just got my dream job as a Speech and Language Therapist in a school for children with dyslexia. I love to craft. I first picked up knitting needles in my first year of university and since then havn't stopped crafting. Knitting, sewing, decoupage and cooking has helped me get over my low confidence from my dyslexia and after a lot of lovely comments from my friends and family, I decided to create this blog.

So why the pasture times?
My brother actually told me to call it this. When my dad turned 40 he created a spoof newspaper called The Pasture Times documenting how old my dad is. Since going to university I have found that I love all things 30's, 40's and 50's which has resulted in friends and family telling me that I was born in the wrong era. So here is my blog documenting a regular girl who occasionally drifts into the past...

Here are 15 things you may not know about me...
  1. My favourite film is Pride and Prejudice and I love it so much I wrote an essay about it at university (on a Speech and Language Therapy degree course!). I can also quote most of it. 
  2. I once was taught to make Tarte Tatain by Albert Roux. 
  3. When I was a child, my dad called me 'Little Legs' 
  4. I can't tell my left from my right (stupid dyslexia!)
  5. I know all the lyrics to 'we didn't start the fire', the elements song and the big bang theme (yes I know how sad that is)
  6. I love Doctor Who
  7. My parents currently live in a house which previously was an old bakery in the 1800s and was run by my family, they brought the house last year without even knowing we were linked to it. 
  8. My current favourite song is 'Bring me sunshine' by Morcambe and Wise
  9. I collect 1st edition Paddington Bear books. 
  10. My happy place is St Martin in the Fields in Trafalgar Square.
  11. I love robins
  12. I would love to meet/to have met: The Queen, Vera Lynn, The Leicester Tigers, Michael Buble, Audrey Hepburn, Bing Crosby, Jane Austin and Morcambe and Wise. 
  13. I can cook a brilliant risotto.
  14. If anyone ever made a musical of my life (which is pretty doubtful) 'Tea for two' by Dorris Day would have to be in it. 
  15. Someday I want to live in The Alps
Anyway, thats about it really. I hope you like my blog and stop by again.