Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Reluctant Hostess

Yesterday I went to Blickling Hall in Norfolk. It was a lovely day, as it often is in Norfolk. One of my favourite parts of Blickling Hall is the old bookshop, it has got second hand books in which I LOVE. Anyway so I wanted to post about what I brought, the first thing was an old map of where I am moving to (I like maps), but the second things is what I am really chuffed about.

The Reluctant Hostess, by Ethelind Fearon.

This is one of the best old books I have found. It appears to be written by a 1950's woman who is sick of housework, entertaining and cooking. Even though it appears to be the anti-hostess book she actually comes up with a lot of really interesting and helpful hints.

Yet it seems that the underlying theme of this book is sarcasm (especially at the male sex) and of course there is the 1950s dubious food for example:
  • Jellied soup (served cold)
  • Kidney flan
  • Liver sausage with chopped olives
  • Larded pheasants
Anyway I love this book as not only is it funny and witty but it also has some brilliant 1950 drawings.

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