Sunday, 7 April 2013

Wibbly, Wobbly, Timey, Wimey… stuff

Well it is that wonderful time of year again when Doctor Who is back on our screens, yes I am a little bit geekish about it. Doctor Who is a British institution like tea and bunting, I grew up listening to my dads stories of The Doctor. He didn't retell stories from the show, his memory will never be good enough for that but he did tell the same story, of how he met The Doctor over and over again. My nan used to work on the rehearsal set serving tea (see how important tea is to our family!) and as a result she not only met the cast, including yeti's, cybermen and the odd daleck, but she was allowed to take home the used scripts as scrap paper. Actually I'm not sure if she was allowed to take them home, or she just decided to. Anyway, my dad being knee-high to a grasshopper at the time was taken along to my nans work every now and then and as a result met the main characters and went inside a daleck and the TARDIS.

Doctor Who is truly in my family, whenever we went on the Underground, my dad would tell the other Doctor Who story he knew, one from the show about Yetis. As I am quite mischievous when I was 16, I actually convinced a friend that Yetis were real and living in the underground, a cruel prank, but funny nevertheless.

So here it is, my Doctor Who geek craft... a stitched picture of the Cybermen in front of St Paul's Cathedral.


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