Wednesday, 28 December 2011

And a happy new year...

So Christmas has now come and gone, the mince pies have been eaten, Santa has left sooty footprints all over the previously clean floor and we head into that period of the year which I hate - new years. I have never been a fan of new years eve, and even less of a fan of the resolutions that people make then slip up on four, five days later. But this year I will make a new years resolution, mainly because being jobless I might actually be able to keep it. Unlike everyone elses resolutions mine will not be focused on loosing weight (although I should really), but it will be the complete opposite - over the next 52 weeks I shall bake 52 different dishes.

I had thought about this before Christmas and luckily I was given The Great British Bake Off book for Christmas, which will be a guide throughout my quest. However I will deviate from this.

Stay tuned for my first bake in January...

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