Monday, 19 December 2011

Santa Claus is Coming to Town...

So whilst I was at the craft fair I busied myself with making some Christmas stockings.
For the last month I have been collecting different ribbons, this has now sparked a new love affair between me and ribbons and I plan to use more soon. Anyway so I made these traditional Christmas stockings with my family's names on it for that personal touch! They are very simple to do;
  • Cut our two stocking shapes by drawing your desired pattern on an old newspaper and depending on your preference either embroider the names on first of last.
  • Now turn over the top of the stocking to create a neat edge and sew it into place. Do this on both pieces of the stockings.
  • Sew the ribbons on using a similar colour thread, don't worry about the ends, they will be neatened up when you sew they two stocking sides together.
  • Now sew the two sides together and add a loop of ribbon so you can hang it on your bedpost/mantle piece.

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