Wednesday, 16 May 2012


I love Bath. I don't know why, probably because it is so uniform, clean and connected to its history. A little like me, I guess.

Anyway since I moved to Somerset a month ago I have had a very fleeting relationship with Bath. Popping to it to use its station or to visit a friend. But never to visit Bath. The weather has plaid its part in keeping me away, we have had a months rainfall in just one day! And the rest of the weeks weather has not been too good either. So as the sun decided to wake me up this morning (without me requesting it) I decided to utilise every minute it gave me today and head to Bath...

So after using the brilliant park and ride service I stopped in the centre of the city. I love walking around the streets of Bath, I feel so relaxed, like the feeling you get when you just come out of a spa into the warm sun.

I walked to the royal circus and then onto the royal crescent (of course stopping all the way to take pictures). Whilst I was walking I noticed some vans which look suspiciously like a film crews and so of course I double back for another look, and then once again for one more. Yes, people were filming, no I could not see what they were filming. Sadly it was being done in one of those fabulous Georgian houses. I did get very excited when I saw a man dressed in 18th century clothes, so I wondered over to where he was talking to an elderly couple under the pre-tense of me and my camera taking pictures. After they left he came over to me and I found out that he is an 18th century tour guide in Bath, such a shame. However I did find out an intresting fact about Bath... apparently the royal crescent and circus was designed and built by a pagan who loved Stonehenge. Which explains why the diameter of the circus is the same as the diameter of Stonehenge!

Anyway so from there I went to The Bath Bun Tea shoppe. As I am single I had lunch alone, usually this can be quite a scary prospect but today I grabbed a table in the tea room and enjoyed my lunch.

On from there and I walked the city a little more, stopping by the canal, where I had my first view of Bath when we came into it on a canal boat years ago. Finally I stopped to go shopping. I have had a lot of vouchers for M&S so I bought some baking equipment!

I have to say one of my favourite shops of the day was Topping Company Booksellers, where I picked up Michel Roux's Pastry book signed by him!

So a lovely day in Bath is over, and a lovely moussaka has been made in my new Le Creuset casserole dish. Now all I need to do is to think what I shall bake this week...

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