Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A Sleep Mask

The summer sun comes drifting in my east facing bedroom window and I groan. Yes, it is lovely to actually have some summer sun, but not at 7am on my day off. So I decided to do something about it, make a sleep mask. I picked out one of my cute flower fabrics, a lovely embroidery thread and sat at my Singer Sewing Machine stitching away.

So here it is; you need your front piece of fabric, wadding, a backing piece of fabric (I used black piece of silky fabric), elastic fabric and embroidery thread.

Pin the wadding and the front fabric together, then measure out your words. I went for 'sod off'. I thought it would be funny, but I think some of my more strict friends won't like the 'swearing' in this phrase. I used back stitch to do this but there are plenty of other stitches you can do, be as creative as you want!

Now, Pin the wadding/flower layer to the back layer with right-sides facing together. Stitch around the top and bottom of the mask allowing two unstitched areas where you are going to put your elastic. Turn the eye mask inside out and iron.
Now finish off your mask by measuring and cutting your elastic. Turn the sides of the sleep mask in and finish it off by stitching the elastic in place. Do this on each end, and your done!

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