Friday, 23 September 2011

I love Autumn

I really love Autumn, the cool sunny days, the wind rushing through the trees, the television programs suddenly get better and the best thing about autumn is the fashion! I have never really been one for the flip flops and swim wear of summer, I prefer my boots, a chunky scarf and my lovely 20's style cloche hat.

Anyway, even though I have no money, I still love to buy the fashion magazines and it turns out that this autumn 1940's (typical when I have no money) and Fair Isle knits are in fashion. It seems that I am either ahead of the trend (or far behind it) as for the last two years I have knitted two Fair Isle jumpers. So here are the pictures of my first jumper, if you want the pattern to make your own, I found it here.I shall put the pictures of my other Fair Isle knit up another day as I don't want to bore you...

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