Saturday, 10 September 2011

This weeks top craft picks from other websites:

This weeks top craft picks are:
  1. A quick and easy record clock which looks great on any wall. To find out how to make it look at Polish The Stars Blogspot.
  2. I love love love all of these cakes but especially the Singer cake. I really should make more cakes and have a go at making interesting shape ones... Have a look at Cake Wrecks to view some of their others. You have to love any website which has a Singer sewing machine cake on it!
  3. A lovely Mod Podge suitcase. Such a cute decoupage idea. Look at Skunk Boy Creatures for a how-to.
  4. A frame with 52 weeks worth of Polaroid pictures in it to document the year, a lovely idea from a lovely blog: One Sheepish Girl.
  5. The final pick for today is another frame idea, a very similar idea, but can be used on smaller frames. A great idea from Sweet Peach.

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