Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Roux Legacy

Just a not to everyone: on 29th of jan on the good food channel at 8pm is The Roux Legacy. It will show all of the Roux family cooking together. Now, I actually have a (tiny) connection to the Roux family, when I was 3 I was taught to cook a Tarte Tatin by Albert Roux. At the time I was taking french lessons on a Saturday (I don't know why - I was crap. Probably because my mum wanted to spend some peace and quiet in the library). Anyway, so me and the rest of my french class were taught how to cook my (now) favourite dessert from one of the greatest cooks there has ever been!

So I recommend you all watch it, particularly as being taught to cook by one of the famous Roux brothers was one of my earliest memories.

Below is a picture of me being taught by the legend
Albert Roux and it is signed by him! And to the right is me, scraping out the bowl after baking a cake - times never change!

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