Sunday, 10 June 2012

Enchanted Land: Chipping Campden

Yesterday was two of my friends wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and I am so happy for them, but it was a 3hr drive away which meant I had to stay over, which also meant that I had a long drive back today.

I realised that the route I was driving was going to go past 3 Enchanted Land places (well actually a lot more, but these were the closest places). This blog post is about the first place I visited today, Chipping Campden.

Enchanted Land describes Chipping Campden as:

"It has been said that merely to walk down the long street Chipping Campden is a recipe for happiness and from the 14th to the 18th century the men who were building it must have known they were doing a lovely thing. Their canopied doorways, charming gables and oriel windows are all alluring, and crowing this splendid piece of countryside is a stately church filled with beautiful things."

So as you can see, I had to go! And I was not disappointed. Chipping Campden is simply a beautiful village. Made of Cotswold stone it is uniformed with wide streets, dappled by sunlight through ancient trees and enchanting. There is a warning which should come with Chipping Campden, it is a bit touristy and sadly the street is usually filled with cars so 'perfect pictures' are hard to get. I loved how all the modern houses are made with the same stone, and how as you drive out of the village, you drive through a street made up with thatched Cotswold stone cottages.

I was lucky that I visited just after the jubilee and so some of the bunting was still up in the village, so as I wandered around I could hear the gentle breeze blowing the flags, the smell of yellow roses (my favourite) wafting through the air and thankfully a sunny day.

Finally I stopped off at the church in Chipping Campden, I love churches and I love graveyards. I know it is strange but I do find graveyards very peaceful and calming (as long as I'm not in them on a dark windy night). Sadly I couldn't go into the church as there was a service taking place so I wondered round the cemetery, but I think I will have to go back as apparently there are some beautiful things in that church!
So final thoughts (for now) on Chipping Campden, lovely, beautiful, would love to live there, but next time I visit will be very early in the morning so I can try and get some pictures without cars and people in them!

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