Saturday, 27 October 2012

Stourhead on such a cold day!

So today is the day when the leaves were supposed to be best at Stourhead and thankfully the weather was perfect for taking photos... although a little on the absolutely freezing side! As you know already Stourhead is my favourite place to go in Somerset (actually technically it is in Wiltshire but I am allowing it to be in Somerset, just because I'm nice!). So here are a few of my pictures, the composition gets worse and worse throughout as my hands got colder and colder. -1c! I got there when the gates opened with a lot of other budding photographers who had bigger cameras than me... and stayed for 3 hours, with a cuppa break to bring my fingers back to life. As I was leaving the place started to really full up with people, and driving out of the car park there were queues back to the main road of cars. So clearly I got the best day and the best time... hope you like my pictures.

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