Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I know where I've been...

As I have recently been put up on Craft Gossip's website and have had some very nice words written about me, which I am so chuffed about, I thought I would put up some more of my stitching.

This is a map of the world and the red line shows where I have been. I'm really proud of this, especially as it means that I can add to it when I go on holiday again.

So here is what I did:
  1. I brought a canvas from one of those cheap stationary shops. You don't want to have it too small as it will be difficult to add detail to the world.
  2. I then covered the canvas in calico, using a stapler.
  3. Now the difficult bit. I traced a map of the world onto the calico and then started stitching (using a back stitch). This will take ages, but it can be done whilst watching television.
  4. Now add the red thread and draw a line to the countries where you have been.
  5. And your done! Keep some of the red thread so you can add to it when you travel.

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