Saturday, 13 August 2011

DIY Record Bowl

A quick post about how to make a Record Bowl.

My grandad once showed my dad how to make this when he was a child and so one summers day when I was bored last year my dad showed me how to do it.

First I brought a cheap record from a charity shop and then cleaned it with a damp cloth to take off the dust. I sadly forgot to play it on our record player before I melted it, so I don't know what the songs sounded like! Anyway, pre-heat the over to 225 centigrade. Find an oven proof bowl (such as a glass bowl) and place it upside down on a baking tray. Place the record in the centre of the base of the bowl and put it in the oven then bake until the sides have gone floppy (for about 5 minutes).

After the 5 minutes, take it out and flip the record off (carefully, using oven gloves) and put it into the same or another bowl and shape it with your fingers. If it starts to get cold place it back in the oven and re-shape it.

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