Monday, 22 August 2011

Music track stuck in my head...

I love Morecambe and Wise, partly because I know all of their jokes (not from watching the show, but from my dad - they appear to be the only jokes in his repertoire) but also because whilst I was at university my library had a VHS library - where they had Morecambe and Wise tapes. I presume this was for all the media students, but as I had a VHS player (I was the only one who did) I occasionally would rent one out to cheer myself up.

Since discovering Spotify I have been able to listen to all of their tracks and last year I fell back in love with "Bring me sunshine". So I was very excited when I saw the BBC's advert for BBC1... available here.

To see a classic look at Eric and Ernie teaching each other the lyrics look at... you tube

It is a fun, sunny and happy tune and although it is from the 70's I love it anyway.

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