Thursday, 18 August 2011

I love London...

Two weeks ago I had a lovely day to myself in London and it was a (relatively) free day - the best kind of day.

So, I started my day with breakfast outside St. Paul's Cathedral - I love St. Paul's, it is now on its regeneration after different fires throughout the ages and I love it.

After a lot of photograph taking I did what I always do when I go to London, hopped on a routemaster heritage bus. It almost seems a crime that people don't know our most iconic bus as the routemaster, but luckily for me that lack of care and the fact that tourists usually stay on the street taking photos of the bus rather than realising that they can actually go on it too means that it is usually empty.

So I had hoped to go to Temple Church to look at it because it was in the Enchanted Land, but sadly it has decided to close until September. After I popped to the Twinings shop, I went to a church (St. Clement Dames) which I have passed so many times, it turns out to be an M.O.D church and a very pretty one too!

After hopping back on a routemaster I ended up in Trafalgar Square, where my favourite place in London is. St. Martins in the Fields. After deciding not to stay for a lunchtime concert (as it was only 11am and it was an Organ recital - not my favourite) I decided to go to the parks of London. St James Park, Green Park, Hyde Park I cycled and walked through all of them.

Stopping off briefly in Earls Court to take a picture of a Tardis I then went onto Brompton Cemetery. Most people are creeped out by cemetery's but I don't see why, they are so peaceful.

And finally after a long day I finished my day having dinner with my brother on the South Bank.

Excluding food and my Oyster Card I only spent £1 on a Boris Bike. A brilliant free and lovely day in London.

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