Saturday, 20 August 2011

Wymondham Station Tea Room

So after a pretty rubbish week this week, we decided to go to the tea rooms at Wymondham Station in Norfolk. It doesn't sound exactly exciting when you say it out loud but the tea rooms at Wymondham are supposidbly based on the 1945 film Brief Encounter (one of my favourite films). Brief Encounter is a story of a woman in a un-exciting marriage who one day accidently meets a man at a train station cafe and they have a brief relationship. It is a wonderful and heart breaking story and I love it.

The tea rooms is in the heart of the lovely old station (which is still used) and as we enter it from the platform door we find ourselves in one of the rooms.We were lucky and found ourselves a spot in one of the booths... not like a 50's diner but on seats which were once used in train carriages like Brief Encounter. It all seemed very exciting, yes some of the wallpaper was peeling and there seemed to be a bit of 'renovation' going on but it was also charming. I loved the train carriage style and the photos of Brief Encounter everywhere and train memorabilia.

We decided to order a cuppa and some dessert (as we had a big breakfast) and ordered from their consise menu. My mum and I ordered cinamon apple pie whilst my dad ordered jam roly poly. I can't fault the service as it was quick but we were let down with the food. My dad's dessert had been over cooked whilst my mum and I couldn't taste the cinamon in the apple pie and the custard was watery. We were disapointed.

It seems that this cafe could be something amazing and a tourist attraction if only it had a bit more work done on it. The idea is brillant but the excution needs work.

After our Brief Encounter with Wymondham Station, we then quickly stopped in Wymondham itself as I wanted to get my first tick on my Enchanted Land checklist. The market cross, a picture featured on page 137. So this is my first taste of stepping in Arthur Mee's and his 'recording angels' footsteps and hopefully I will be able to get to more places soon.

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