Friday, 19 August 2011

This weeks top craft picks from other websites:

1. Martha Stewart has so many different craft ideas and so as I don't watch her show I occasionally look to her website for inspiration. I love these lampshades... cute and fresh and they look relatively cheap to make.2. Another great lampshade idea, cards. I love it but it looks complicated and I don't think my dyslexic brain will be able to cope with working with such a complex idea.
Have a look over at MAKE:

3. My inner geek is amazed and in love with this project. I'm happy to say that over at Crafty Tardis two of loves come together, Crafts and Doctor Who. An amazing Weeping Angels costume:
4. A great how-to on making a laptop bag. Love the easy to follow pictures, so have a go over at Sew, Mama, Sew!
5. And finally a lovely idea of a scrapbook map with different vintage fabrics for the different states: So cute and was made over at My Life and Kids.

Well that's it, my favourite crafty projects for the week...

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