Friday, 12 August 2011

This weeks top craft picks from other websites:

I like to follow lots of different craft websites, and here are the best ideas I have seen this week:

1. I love this idea for a sewing/craft box from an old book - not sure if I would do it as I am unsure whether I am happy with the idea of destroying books in the name of craft, however this does not destroy any of the text it only takes the cover apart from the book.

On how to make this go to: How About Orange
2. I love to write letters and so I think this is a crafty way of having some nice writing paper which isn't boring. I will certainly give this one a go at some point.

For a quick how to guide go to: Design Sponge
3. Another Design Sponge idea which is brilliant! I have been toying with the idea of creating my own perfume for a while (and it is on my list of crafty things to do). I love how they use an old pocket watch to give the solid perfume a vintage feel.

Have a go at: Design Sponge
4. Sadly I cannot attempt this one before I get a flat/house of my own but I love it! An easy way to get vintage into your bathroom, but you will probably need some DIY skills to do it.
I have only just discovered Poppy Talk but I love it!

Have a look at : Poppy Talk
5. Over at Sew 4 home they have put up a pattern for how to make a travel accessories bag which I would love to have a go at...

Have a go at: Sew 4 Home

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