Saturday, 6 August 2011

So why did I start a blog and for what purpose?

It all started two days ago when in the post I received a craft novel, signed by the author wishing me 'happy crafting'. I do not know where this came from, at first I thought it was a surprise from my mum who I had done a craft exhibition the previous weekend, however when she got home from work she was as puzzled as I was. So I decided to call people who might have met the author and brought up in conversation how much I liked all things crafty. No, dead end. So I tweeted my brother to see if it was him being kind after I failed yet another job interview, no it wasn't him. However he did call me to get more information on the matter, I told him about the book, Laura's Homemade Life and described the main character. A 30 something who loves vintage dresses (as do I), who loves to craft (as do I), who has mousy brown hair (as do I) and who recently moved from the South of England to deepest, darkest Norfolk (as I have just done). Spookily, my dad believes that a future me sent it to myself in a wibbley-wobbly-timey-wimey sort of way as it appears that this book is me in 10 years time.

So whilst I was chatting to my brother about this book he questioned me on whether it was because somebody had read my blog, well no, because my address isn't on it and I haven't updated it in years. He then went onto suggest that I re-start my blog as I am currently unemployed and I could expand it from crafty stuff to my love of vintage as well (as I am currently writing this I am listening to Glenn Miller). So I gave it some thought and decided that maybe his idea wasn't a bad one. I also decided that perhaps I should start a blog now as I feel I need to show up my dad (he is writing about renovating our house to a B&B and believes that he has re-invented the blog). Anyway, so here it is my blog and I will try to update it as much as possible as I get bored of blogs which don't update regularly. As for the book which started this all, Laura's Homemade Life, I am two chapters in, still enjoying it and still totally perplexed as to who sent it and why?

Task for Monday: call the publishers!

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