Saturday, 27 August 2011

Laura's Handmade Life

So a few weeks ago I received a 1st edition book in the post with no explanation and to add confusion it was signed by the author with the message "happy crafting". I was confused, so I called everyone I knew and asked if they knew the author and sent it to me as scarily this book was very similar to my life: loves crafts, mousey-brown hair and had just moved to deepest darkest Norfolk from the south. After all the people I called couldn't explain it I decided to call the publishers. They hadn't a clue but said they would investigate it, and after a week of them not replying I forgot about it. Then I got an email telling me it was because I won a competition on Crafty Crafty. I am so dyslexic.

Anyway, so I have now completed the book and my verdict is that it was good. I was not captivated by it but I did enjoy reading it. I did feel that the end left a lot in the air but I guess that means there is the availability for a sequel. The story follows Laura who left her life in London to move with her husband to Norfolk, but shes not happy about it. And so after about 100 pages we get to when she learns about sewing and crafts. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to people who life crafts - however if you don't do crafts it doesn't seem much point in reading it. I would give it a three out of five.

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