Saturday, 27 August 2011

This weeks top craft picks from other websites:

Sorry for not doing this on Friday like I always do, but this last week I was away at The Starfish Project, an intensive course for people who stammer. I observed the course and it was amazing but I haven't had time to do the blog, so here I am catching up...
  1. I love this basic quilt, it is made using fat quarters which makes it simple and easy for beginners. The choice of fabrics really make a quilt and I love how these give it a 1930s feel. Have a look how to make it over at Sew4Home
  2. Sadly I could never make this project as was never very good at woodwork at school - I used to get the boys in my class to help me at woodwork and in return I would help them pass cookery. Therefore I am terrible at woodwork, but I love this table... Have a look at Design Sponge to have a go...
  3. This is such a cute light, very girly and vintage. Made from Doily's it is perfect for a clean vintage feel in a room. Have a look at Shannon South's blog for more pictures.
  4. A great way to use up all the old floppy disks that we don't need anymore, geek craft has so many uses for all of these. Have a look at Instructables for details.

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